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ERNESTO M. REYES, sales manager Spain and Portugal of DELTA ENERGY SYSTEMS, INDUSTRIAL AUTOMATION BG home | see all news
"MATELEC INDUSTRY is one of the best scenarios to demonstrate our technological capacity and present our products"

What challenges are facing your company in the machinery manufacturing sector for the coming years?

Currently, the most important challenge for Delta Electronics is to become established in EMEA as reference brand for machinery manufacturers. From the point of view of the product, providing high-quality solutions at affordable prices and, from a logistical point of view, from our headquarters in Holland, to create a network of commercial offices in Europe, the Middle East and Africa, beginning with Spain and Portugal, and in other strategic countries such as Germany, Italy, etc.


How are you planning to stay at the leading edge of innovation?

In the words of our honorary president, Bruce C.H. Cheng, Delta's mission is to "offer a quality product at a reasonable price". This philosophy fits perfectly in the Spanish market, where machinery manufacturers want the best technology in their equipment at the most competitive price.


What is the role of design and energy efficiency?

As a world leading manufacturer, we are committed to offering sustainable solutions and energy efficiency. Between five and six per cent of our total annual sales are invested in R&D in the interests of innovation and the best design. Our in-depth knowledge and experience and a worldwide network enables us to identify coming market trends and to act quickly to take advantage of new business opportunities.


In this process to identify trends that you are talking about, which trends have you already detected and how you can take advantage of them?

New trends in the industrial automation area are aimed at Industry 4.0 and convergence with IT technologies. The majority of manufacturers point to this evolution in their products, where concepts like the IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things), Big Data or Cloud play a very important role. These technologies will radically change interactions between man and machine and M2M communications, improving the performance of industrial processes and obtaining better results in terms of revenue, production and productivity.   


What will be the role of smart machines and robots in all this?

Increasingly flexible, faster solutions for made-to-measure manufacturing processes have become an increasingly popular option for motion control systems based on Industrial Ethernet buses in real time. The smart machines and robotics sectors will experience significant growth in the coming years due to a high level of accuracy that minimises errors and resolves problems by taking decisions without the need for human intervention.


How do you think CONSTRUTEC can contribute to improving knowledge of the sector and driving business for companies?

In my opinion, MATELEC INDUSTRY trade fair is the perfect place to show our firm intention to be a reference brand in the industrial automation sector, not only in Spain but also at the global level. It is also one of the best scenarios to demonstrate our technological capacity, present our complete product range and the scale of our company.