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PTP IEEE-1588 System Solutions: Highly Accurate Time Information in a Sub-Microsecond Range

To synchronize distributed clocks throughout a Local Area Network (LAN), Network Time Protocol (NTP) and Simple Network Time Protocol (SNTP) are popular methods that are accurate to the millisecond range. However, for industrial networks, clock synchronization requires much greater precision.

The IEEE 1588 standard for Precision Time Protocol (PTP), which was first adopted in 2002 for Automation and Measurement applications, provides a method for clock synchronization with microsecond accuracy. PTP was also adopted under the IEC 61588 standard in 2004. Version 2 of the IEEE 1588 standard was ratified in 2008 to address telecommunications and audio-video bridging applications.

PTP is in demand wherever processes need to be synchronized exactly, such as automation and control systems, measurement and automatic test systems, power generation, transmission and distribution systems as well as telecommunications.

MEINBERG Grandmaster Clocks support PTP version 2 and deliver nanosecond time and frequency synchronization for your network environment. The Grandmaster Clocks not only provide a highly accurate source of synchronization for PTP clients ("slaves" like the PTP270PEX), they additionally introduce the absolute time ("current time of day") to your PTP networks.

Meinberg Slave Clock devices simplify a migration towards PTP/IEEE 1588-2008 by providing a wide range of legacy time synchronization outputs. The Slave Clocks are synchronized by a PTP Grandmaster and can be used as a time source for equipment that requires IRIG, PPS, 10MHz or E1 telecom carrier signals.

Meinberg manufacturer of the world's strongest time and frequency synchronization equipment will attend the International Trade Fair for the Electrical and Electronics Industry "MATELEC / MATELEC INDUSTRY" with its local partner Mentadata ((www.mentadata.es/Meinberg).

Meinberg (www.meinbergglobal.com), offers leading edge synchronization solutions, including high end PTP and NTP servers, GPS and GLONASS receivers, DCF77/WWVB/MSF receivers, IRIG/AFNOR time code generators/readers and a large variety of accessories like antennas, diplexers, converters and signal distribution systems. The Meinberg IEEE 1588 grandmaster clocks and NTP timeserver appliances are well known for their innovative feature set, their flexibility and reliability, making them one of the leading network time synchronization solutions available today. Meinberg products are deployed all over the world and deliver synchronization for mission critical applications in power grid/substation automation, finance, digital broadcasting, telecommunication networks, aviation and space and the labs of world class research organizations. www.meinbergglobal.com

If you are interested in a meeting with our Spanish team in Madrid, visit our Spanish website for contact information at: www.mentadata.es/Meinberg. Also, you can visit us in Matelec Industry 2016 in Madrid, Hall 3, booth 3A05