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IGE + XAO launch 3D Panel Manufacturing

IGE+XAO launches 3D Panel Manufacturing, an innovative open module for designing electrical cabinets and boards

Based on GE+XAO, 3D Panel Manufacturing makes it simple to install components in DIN carriers, create perforation templates and CNC programming. It incorporates collision detection and also warns of assembly inconsistencies.

Designed to automatically take into account the limitations of manufacturing, from the design phase of the electrical panel, 3D Panel Manufacturing also offers advanced routing features with the aim of optimising the length of the cables and ducts as well as the occupation rate of cabling in ducts.

This module, which is intuitive and easy to configure, connects not only with the main IGE+XAO, SEE Electrical and SEE Electrical Expert software, but also with third party 3D packets.

Alain Di Crescenzo, president and CEO of the IGE+XAO Group, explains that "with this new solution, independent and open to third party 3D packets, automation engineers and panel builders benefit from a specific, powerful tool for modelling, designing and manufacturing all types of systems”. 3D Panel Manufacturing makes all 3D essentials available to electricity professionals”.


More information at www.matelecindustry.ifema.es and at www. IGE+XAO.com